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Over a fifteen year career spent around all aspects of online marketing and digital analytics, I’ve found I’m most happy telling stories through data. Along the way I’ve discovered that I love writing Python, the power of SQL makes my head explode a little bit, that I can lose complete days exploring data with Tableau, no-one ever totally appreciates the power of Google Analytics, and it’s amazing how much time you can save by opening a terminal every once in awhile.

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about martin bell

About Me

A proud Mancunian, for the past eighteen years I’ve been in deep cover in Northern California wine country living the Napa Valley lifestyle with my wife and two minecraft-addicted daughters.

Despite herculean efforts to become as American as a 4-6-3 double play, my true identity is easily discovered by regular use of the phrase “Bob’s yer Uncle”, mispronunciation of "yoghurt" and vain attempts to avoid the Man Utd score until I can watch the match at a bloody reasonable hour.

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I've spent the last six years managing web analytics and leading an analysis team at Safari Books Online, part of O'Reilly Media, one of the most highly-regarded technology media companies in the world.

I'm currently helping various companies grow their businesses through the intelligent use of data. Get in touch if you need help implementing Google Analytics, or gaining insight from your site's data.

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about martin bell's writing


Over the years I’ve found that although I hate writing, one of the greatest feelings on earth is having written, so I put up with it, curating and editing short fiction pieces on my creative writing blog, Backhandstories.com. Read more about it here, and take a look at some of my short pieces:

You can get a flavor of what I did at Safari with a couple of pieces I wrote on their blog:

My Career, So Far...

Insights & Analysis Lead

Lead insight and analysis team, providing data and insight through reporting, visualizations, and longer narrative analyses.
  • Directed a team of developers and analysts, managing the front-end of our data pipeline.
  • Created reporting tools using Pentaho’s internal reporting tools and CDF framework, D3.js, Tableau, R and Shiny.
  • Wrote ETL tools in Python and SQL that manipulated data from Google Analytics and Salesforce APIs.
  • Helped implement an internal analytics solution based on clickstream logs processed through Redshift.
  • Created OLAP / Mondrian schemas for analysis and reporting.
  • Supported Data Science team with infrastructure assistance and strategic direction.

Web Analytics Manager

Directed web analytics for all of Safari’s properties including two major web applications, three mobile apps and related marketing and promotional blogs and sites.
  • Brought a legacy Omniture / Adobe Analytics implementation into the 21st century.
  • Managed new implementations of Google Analytics across web properties, mobile apps and internal tools.
  • Managed analytics contractors and vendors.
  • Improved Safari’s SEO efforts to get a barely crawled, paywalled site into the top SERPs resulting in millions of organic page views per month.
  • Created data-driven social and paid search campaigns.
  • Lead an acquisition optimization team, using A/B and multivariate testing to improve B2C trial signup and conversion.

E Commerce Manager

Directed and managed day to day operations of BirkenstockUSA.com
  • Drove online sales growth and expanded brand awareness through email, natural and paid search, affiliate programs, co-branded partnerships, and social marketing.
  • Managed internal and external teams to launch and develop betterwalking.com.

Online Marketing Manager

Responsible for all aspects of Wild Planet’s Internet strategy
  • Managed internal and external design and development teams to extend brands online through the creation of standards-based, user-focused web sites and email campaigns.
  • Directed e-commerce partner in the creation of an online store.
  • Managed ppc campaigns to high levels of ROI.
  • Created and managed successful email marketing campaigns, taking store revenues from zero to over $1 million in three years.
  • Directed national promotional contest (Kid Inventor Challenge) growing number of entries by 50%.

Marketing Analyst

Provided strategic market analysis and reported industry trends to business managers, sales and management teams
  • Supported Research Manager with quantitative analysis.
  • Managed Consumer Service Associate.
  • Developed web strategy and managed outsourcing of web site design and development.
  • Introduced SEO practices, increasing site traffic by 200%.

Associate Marketing Manager

Managed consumer services, supported product development and marketing communications.
  • Implementing a web-integrated crm system, reducing customer wait time from many days to less than 24 hours.
  • Directed product line development of several brands from ideation through production.
  • Created trade promotional materials.
  • Managed PR relationships.

Editorial Assistant / Contributor

  • Reported daily news stories for t3online.com.
  • Answered reader’s consumer technology questions.
  • Supervised photo shoots.
  • Managed review product flow through magazine, maintaining beneficial relationships with manufacturers, freelancers and staff.



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